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January 30, 2019

Stuart Semple Watercolours

by Eric Thompson in Watercolours

This is a new palette of watercolours from Stuart Semple which he calls The World’s Colouriest Watercolours.

The set contains 36 pans of ridiculously high quality watercolours. Colours that are so vibrant and so pigmented that your work will totally hit a new level of potency when you use them. You will notice a very different painting experience, and you’ll see that your colours last way longer too. They have strange names such as alchemy, venom and grudge but they are very creamy colours and will be great for anyone wanting vibrant waterolours. At £36 for the set plus P&P they are very good value.

Here is a pen and ink drawing of Provence in which I washed in some of these colours to create the bright washed colours of the buildings. You can see more details of this palette here. Stuart Semple Palette.