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Tag: watercolours


My Book

My Mam once told my wife Joan that I could not fasten my shoe laces and so wore wellies. I deny this but now everyone believes this to be true, so I have produced a  book with stories and sketches from my childhood days.


The year is 1957 and this is my story, wellies and all.

My book cover

This book is a paperback containing 50 pages of stories and illustrations from my childhood in the 1950s as a Baby Boomer.

It is available on Amazon as a paperback and Kindle, and is also for sale in our gallery. Below is a sample page.


New Year, New Palette

I have been given a new palette to start the new year, but I can’t see what’s wrong with my old one. I always like to keep my palette clean, at least for the first week. You can decide which is the new one.

Actually I prefer to keep mixed paint on the palette troughs as there are sometimes good mixtures to pick up with your brush. I tend to pick up one colour with the brush then drag it into another so that when it hits the paper surface some of the colours mix together and some don’t, it gives more variety to your brushstrokes. But I admit the palette on the right has gone a bit too far, even for me.