Online Art Class on Watercolours and Other Mediums

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Having run successful art classes for over 20 years I have now been enlisted by Udemy to run an online art class. It gives me great pleasure to share my passion for watercolours with people from all over the world. And delighted to have over 187 students join my classes in the last 3 months. So have a look at these lessons and improve your painting techniques. More information can be found on the Faqs page

 I have been attending an Art class at Eric’s art studio for several years and really enjoy it. I have also done. some of his online courses which are excellent. Would definitely recommend both having learned new techniques in watercolour painting, pen and ink and pencil drawing. Thanks Eric

Clare Mitchell

The Online Art Class Subjects

Udemy are an online teaching site and I have my online art class hosted there. The lessons are available from £19.99 but if you enrol through my site you can have them at £9.99 which is half price.

You can access the individual lessons from here. Click the buttons for each lesson. There is a preview section so you can check out the course. before you buy. You can also gift the course by clicking on the top right “Gift this” at the enrollment section. On each course there are extra demonstrations relating to that particular painting.

You can also see free clips from actual classes by downloading them from my Freebies page.

Pen and ink art lesson
Pen and Ink art lesson

Pen And Ink

£19.99 £9.99


18 lectures
Course 2 hours 

This course will show you how to do a pen and ink drawing of an old street in Nice, and then colour it with watercolour washes.

I have also included some smaller demos of pen and ink with more detail in the actual drawings.

There are extra examples of how to paint simple but effective figures in landscape painting, plus a brochure on watercolour materials and supplies.

Coloured pencil art lesson
Coloured Pencil art lesson


£19.99 £9.99

Coloured Pencils

19 lectures
Course 1.5 hour

This course will show you how to paint a beautiful kingfisher using coloured pencils. We will start with a simple drawing, then bit by bit add colour to the kingfisher by layering pencil on top of pencil to build up deep textures.

You will learn how to draw soft feathering and create harder areas such as eyes by burnishing with pencils

I have also included extra demos such as an owl eye.

Yupo Painting art lesson
Yupo painting art lesson

Yupo Painting

£19.99 £9.99


32 lectures
Course 2.5 hours

In this course I will introduce Yupo paper and the wonderful effects we can obtain using watercolour on this paper. It is a whole different technique, creating vibrant colours that have a more abstract feeling to them.

You cannot help but paint more loosely with Yupo paper. I have painted four full paintings with different  outcomes to show what you can do with this special paper.

Watercolour sketch
Watercolour sketch

Childhood Memories

£19.99 £9.99


30 lectures
Course 3.5 hours

Forget photographs, here I will show you how to make childhood memories by creating quick sketches in watercolours from your childhood. They will make great gifts for your family to keep and treasure.

I have produced four full sketches to show you how to develop your own ideas as well as other demos.

There are also articles on how to make a slideshow from your sketches.

Watercolour demonstration
Watercolour demonstration

Winter Landscape

£19.99 £9.99


25 lectures
Course 3 hours

This course will show you how to paint a full sized watercolour of a Winter scene in a park near to our gallery. You will learn how to paint distant and foreground Winter trees along with stonework and water reflections.

There are extra demos on painting a large winter tree with snow covered branches, and another on painting stones such as you will find on the bridge in the main painting.

watercolour sky lesson
Watercolour sky lesson

Paint Skies

£19.99 £9.99


43 lectures
Course 3.5 hours

This course will show you how to paint beautiful watercolour skies. We will create 8 different skies including sunsets, clouds and graduated washes.

Each sky will also have a landscape to complete the finished painting

I have also included extra demonstrations on how to paint wet in wet washes as well as painting winter trees. Also a guide to presentation of your work.

Learn watercolour painting with this online art class.

English Summer Watercolour

As this is a highly detailed watercolour course it sells online for £29.99 but you can enrol in my online art class here for a great price of only £9.99, a full two thirds off.

You will learn how to paint full summer trees and great stone buildings. As well as the full lesson I have included extra demos on trees, stonework, and distant trees below a graduated sky.

Pen and Ink Watercolour. Another online art class.

Pen and Ink Wash

In this online art class you will draw this lovely Lake District building with pen and ink , and then paint in delicate watercolour washes.

This full course, plus extra demos, is great value at the advertised price of £19.99 but right now you can get it for half price at only £9.99