Do you want to learn watercolour painting? I have been a professional artist for over 40 years and ran art classes for over 20 of those years. Now I have a purpose built studio above our art gallery which displays my paintings. My daughter Lynn owns and runs our gallery where you can see my work by visiting Bondgate Gallery website.

Read articles on painting on my blog. Here I will be adding help and advice on all mediums, especially watercolours.

Eric Thompson

Resident Artist, Bondgate Gallery

Free Demonstrations on learning watercolour painting.

If you really want to learn watercolour painting then I can help. There are some free demonstrations from actual studio lessons that you can download from the Freebies page.

Udemy Full Courses

Want to improve your paintings?. There are full length courses at Udemy Online Academy. I have links to these courses along with half price coupons, on my Online Art Courses page.

Learn watercolour painting with Eric Thompson

“I just love the first brushstroke of paint onto new watercolour paper.”


In our gallery we run weekly art classes. Once a month we have a full day workshop which results in a completed painting. Now my art classes are on the internet so that more people can enjoy the pleasure of painting. The courses guide you through creating beautiful paintings. If you want to learn watercolour painting then this is the right place to come.
I enjoy running the art classes and hope to pass on this experience to more students. Many of my current students have won prizes in competitions because of joining my classes.
So if you want to create better paintings and improve your watercolours or pencils, then let me help you. Create great paintings to show to friends and family, and maybe sell at exhibitions.

They may all look studious at the moment but when the camera is off they are very hard to control


The gallery is a centre for artists who want their work scanned and printed to the highest standards. These artists respect the quality of Lynn’s attention to detail, and the time she spends producing top images from their originals.

You can see all my paintings and prints by visiting Bondgate Gallery via the website

“It’s wonderful to chill out here either at workshops or just browsing. Lovely people.”

Sue Routledge 2017