Learn To Paint

Want to know how to achieve better paintings that you can show your friends. Let me help you reach that dream.

Lost Your Way

Struggling with watercolours and unhappy with your results. I will guide you to better paintings.

Videos For You

My online video courses are designed to help you create great paintings in easy step by step stages


Pen and Ink Wash of Nice

The main lesson in this course will be a full length painting of Nice drawn with Pen and Ink and then watercolour washes ran in to complete the painting. I will also show you some smaller demonstrations of similar paintings with more detailed drawing. I will show you how to paint simple figures in landscapes that are quick but effective. Extra will be a  downloadable brochure on watercolours and suppliers.

Auckland Park in Winter

In this painting course I will take you through a large watercolour of a bridge crossing over a stream. It involves skies, distant and foreground winter trees, along with stonework painting and shadows on snow. As an extra I have provided a demonstration of a large tree with snow covered branches, and also an extra video on how to paint stonework. Plus a  downloadable PDF file on watercolour materials.

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Watercolour Sketches

In this course I will show you how to paint little sketches of scenes you remember but have no photos to show. You can then put them in a book or on a slideshow to share and have a valuable set of sketches that will tell your story better than a photo could ever do. I have painted over a hundred sketches from my childhood and still continue to add more as I remember them. You could have an exhibition, I did just that and it was a great success.

Coloured Pencils

In this course you will follow along with my students and create a wonderful drawing of a Kingfisher using coloured pencils. There will be shorter demonstration clips from other lessons such as an owl, a ballerina, and a statue. Also a downloadable  PDF file of materials you need and suppliers along with a photograph of the Kingfisher you are about to draw.

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Holy Island Evening Sky

Have you ever wanted to paint in watercolours but afraid to start, well this course will ease you into watercolours and guide you along the way. I will show you how to paint eight watercolour skies along with a bit of landscape to finish them off. I will also add extra demonstrations on wet in wet washes and tree painting. There is also a downloadable PDF file with art materials needed and another about my art class studio. At the end you will have more confidence in laying down watercolour washes.

Watercolor art lesson

The Old Mill in Watercolours

The course starts with some practice demonstrations on how to paint summer trees, stonework, cottages against dark trees, and a graduated sky wash. The full lesson is a painting of an old mill wheel with buildings and surrounding trees using features from the example demos. The course is broken down into bitesize pieces so that you can have a break at any point you fancy.

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Pen and Ink Watercolour

Ambleside Bridgehouse in Pen and Ink.

In this course we visit Ambleside in The English Lake District where we draw the Bridge House using Pen and Ink. Then you will learn how to float in watercolour washes to make a delightful painting. I also show you how to get more from this lesson by making prints from the finished pen and ink drawing, and then hand colouring the prints for more sales.

Yupo Watercolours

Learn all about Yupo paper and how to achieve wonderful effects with watercolours. I will show you four full demonstrations on different subjects from simple flowers, a bamboo painting, how to paint trees in a negative style, and then a more detailed painting of an elephant, each step guiding you along the way. There are downloadable PDF files on Yupo paper and Watercolours to assist you.

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Your Watercolour Art Class Book

This book is a digital interactive volume in that it contains video lessons taken from my art classes, and links to art materials and suppliers. It contains picture by picture demonstrations guiding you through a painting from start to finish, and includes articles on painting watercolours in different styles such as using pen and ink, and Yupo paper.

Money back Guarantee

If you are not totally happy with any of these courses there is a 30 day money back guarantee.