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March 4, 2019

Bluebell Wood in Acrylics

by Eric Thompson in Acrylics, Demonstrations

3 hoursĀ 3 hours.

Paint abstract acrylics with palette knife

  1. Black out the canvas

    Here I cover the canvas with black gesso mixed with some resin sand and black lava paste. This gives a textured surface which helps give broken colour when you drag acrylics with palette knife across.Black gesso added

  2. Apply background

    Apply a light green using palette knife leaving the black areas alone to form the trees.Apply colour with palette knife

  3. Add More Colour

    Still using a palette knife drag some pure yellow across the greens. Because the surface is heavily textured the wet paint will only be deposited on the raised surfaces.Add yellow with palette knife

  4. Lighten Sky

    Using the palette knife drag white paint and yellow over the surface, working it into the middle of the canvas to give a brightly lit background. Then drag a prime blue across the foreground.Adding blue foreground

  5. Add Pure White

    Using a large palette knife add thicker white to the sky.Add fine branches

  6. Add smaller branches

    Using a small palette knife and a fine brush paint in the branches using black/Adding Finer Branches

  7. Adding to the foreground

    Now drag Magenta and blue onto the foreground, leaving darker shadows below the trees. Use a palette knife to drag light green across parts of the foreground. When dry add paler magenta and blue to build up the texture.Add Magenta and blue

  8. Finishing Off

    Continue using the acrlics with palette knife to drag lighter colours across the surface until you are happy with the finish. Add more light to the middle distance of the ground.Bluebell Wood